Tracing My Steps

Just another 20-something American girl who picked up her life in the middle of studying to follow her heart to a foreign country and live on an almost-utopian-socialist-collective-community. Left the guy, left the commune, picked up a new language and some serious wanderlust. For now, re-settled home in SoCal finally getting my shit together and behaving like an adult. ... Well at least I'm trying right?

Full disclosure: I blog mainly belugas, my terrifying online dating experiences, and libertarian politics.
  1. This is me.

The Gross National Debt
Posts I Like

Homemade cinnamon flaxseed muffin with sugar-free dark chocolate spread..

Waiting for the bus from Solana Beach to UCSD. Mom is goofy. (Taken with Instagram)

I just made vegan sugar-free ice cream. Verdict: 5/5 awesome tasty stars.

Officially getting two letters PER DAY.


Holidays in the Hospital: A Rosenthal Family Comedy Tradition


Lights Out: Geek brothers Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan present Aliens: The Musical. (Previously.)


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